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Spa Organica® Sanctuary

Eco-Organic Day Spa

Spa Organica®'s Luxurious

Organic Facial Treatments

All Facials Include: Detailed Facial Analysis, Deep Cleanse and Exfoliation,

Aromatic Steam, Extractions, Decolette Treatment, Cucumber Eye Treatment, and Custom Blended Facial Masks. We use only pure, mineral-rich spring water in the steam and treatments, as well as 100% organic cotton balls, pads, and swabs.

*Spa Organica facials are a full 60-minutes! Not the 50-minute industry standard.*

Organic Green Enzyme Facial:

This nourishing facial provides a complete skin renewal. Detoxifying cleansers, exfoliants, extractions, and a custom blend of nutrient-rich, organic masks and products clarify and refresh tired skin to restore it's natural health and balance.

Balancing and Rejuvenating.

1 for $125, 3 for $360, 6 for $700

Deep Hydration Soothing Facial:

Saturate and soothe your skin with a waterfall of moisture! This satin-smooth facial is custom made for dehydrated or sensitive skin. We infuse and steam the skin in professional-strength hyaluronic serums and gels to pump and plump moisture below the skin's surface, then layer with rich masks packed with aloe vera, cucumber, and green plant gels to deeply hydrate, nourish, and plump the skin. Leaves your skin dewey and glowing with moisture!

Calming and Hydrating.

1 for $125, 3 for $360, 6 for $700

Vitamin C Antioxidant Facial:

Packed with antioxidant fruit enzymes and plant extracts, this facial gently dissolves dull skin to reveal the fresher, younger skin just beneath the surface. A Citrus Paradisi cleanse and Lemon exfoliation begin the brightening process, while a professional-strength Vitamin C Complex Peel, and a rich mask of Pineapple, Papaya, and Passionfruit, work deeply to leave skin glowing. Topped with Ferulic Apple C Serum and a rich, Vitamin C Anti-Aging Cream to lighten, brighten, and boost your skin's vitality!

Smoothing and Brightening.

1 for $125, 3 for $360, 6 for $700

French Facelift Facial:

Our powerful Micro-Current Facelift Machine sends penetrating waves deeply into the muscular layer to retrain facial muscles to lift upwards. We combine key acupressure facial points with lymphatic drainage facial massage to increase circulation, detoxify the face, and reduce puffiness. A warm mask packed with essential nutrients and peptide fillers nourishes the skin and plumps fine lines, while our delicious Liposome French Red Wine whipped moisture cream delivers powerful antioxidants deep into the skin to nourish and revitalize.

Ooh la la!

Lifting and Firming.

1 for $130, 3 for $375, 6 for $735

Sparkling Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial:

Luxuriate and exfoliate with this Genuine Diamonds! Our authentic, Diamond-Tipped Microdermabration machine will buff off years of build-up to reveal fresh skin with your natural glow just below the surface. The result is more even skin tone and texture, smoothing out mild surface scars and discoloration. 

Transform yourself from diamond-in-the-rough to classic cut!

Radiate and Sparkle!

1 for $135, 3 for $390, 6 for $770

Fountain of Youth Facial:

This power-packed facial combines the very best Anti-Aging Technologies. First, we utilize the Diamond Microdermabration to peel away layers of older skin, followed by LED Infrared Light Therapy to firm and repair collagen and elastin deep beneath the skin's surface. We then tone and lift the facial muscles with the Micro-Current Lift Therapy.

Healing and Regenerating.

1 for $140, 3 for $405, 6 for $795

Ritz Deluxe Facial:

This 75-minute, Deluxe Treatment is La Creme de la Creme of facials. It includes everything that is in our Fountain of Youth, Diamond Microdermabrasion, French Facelift, Vitamin C Antioxidant, and Deep Hydration...but offers more of everything. More Diamonds, more LED Infrared Light, more Microcurrent Lift, more Peptides, more Enzymes, more Nutrients, more Hydration, more Custom-Blended Masks, Serums and Creams. More, More, More!

Revitalizing and Regenerating.

1 for $155, 3 for $450, 6 for $885

(*This facial is 75-minutes instead of 60-minutes.)

Organic Gentleman's Facial:

This facial is customized to suit men’s skin, clarifying the pores, and working with potential ingrown hairs. Utilizing warm barber towels, eucalyptus steam and extractions to clear the skin, we follow up with custom-blended products to refresh, balance and brighten.

Tonifying and Balancing.

1 for $125, 3 for $360, 6 for $700

Amazing Acne Facial:

Extensive extractions and exfoliation define this facial. Powerful anti-bacterial serums rich with salicylic acid, lavender, and lemon essence tone and detoxify the skin, while potent purifying masks draw out impurities from the deeper layers. Our antibacterial Ozone High-Frequency Therapy zaps away stubborn acne. LED Infrared Light Therapy and a Cooling Aloe Vera Gel Mask calm, heal and soothe inflamed skin.

Clarifying and Balancing.

1 for $125, 3 for $360, 6 for $700

Teen Acne Facial:

This facial is an abbreviated, focused version of the Amazing Acne Facial. No muss no fuss, just extensive extractions, masks, and High Frequency therapy. We give tips to help keep teen acne at bay, and introduce the younger generation to a healthy skin care regimen.

Clarifying and Balancing

(*This facial is 40-minutes instead of 60-minutes.)

1 for $95, 3 for $270, 6 for $530

"Back to Beautiful" Treatment:

We've got your back! This focused treatment is just like the Amazing Acne Treatment, but for the back instead. Thorough exfoliation and extractions, detox masks, warm towels and steam are designed to give you a fresh start back to beautiful.

Clarifying and Balancing.

1 for $125, 3 for $360, 6 for $700